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Alyce Clarke

Alyce Cunial

Alyce is proudly born and bred in Frankston. Having lived in the area her whole life, her knowledge of the market and lifestyle benefits on the Peninsula is second to none.


Starting out in real estate in 2009, Alyce’s determination and dedication have accelerated her career to a Business Development Manager. This same dedication and determination is what drives Alyce to get the most from her clients’ investments. She has a detailed understanding of property management and provides clients with personalised advice, helping them secure the highest rental incomes in the area and the highest quality tenants.


Describing herself as “happy, hard-working and honest”, Alyce thrives on meeting new people and solving the daily challenges in the world of real estate. No problem is too big or small for Alyce – her creativity and excellent communication skills ensure all issues are smoothly and quickly resolved.


When she’s not at work, you’ll find Alyce browsing the local boutiques, practising pilates or playing on the beach with her gorgeous Staffies, Sonny and Lola.