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Walk a Mile

Walk A Mile in their Shoes

In September 2018, hundreds of Harcourts staff, family, friends and community groups across Australia will walk down a different path and once again join forces with White Ribbon Australia to take a stand against violence.


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CONTACT: Sharon Kupsch, Harcourts Victoria, 0417 034 810, sharon.kupsch@harcourts.net


In 2015 and 2016 over 800 Harcourts staff, family, friends and supporters across Australia “walked a mile” in women’s heels to show solidarity and bring attention to the national tragedy that is violence against women. Our events set a new White Ribbon record for a Community Fundraising Activity, and this year we hope to set a new milestone for this worthy charity.


This year’s “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” will be held across Australia on Friday 1st September, with all participants encouraged to wear heels and walk along a designated public route, to raise our goal of $100,000 for White Ribbon Australia nationally.


100% of funds raised will be donated to White Ribbon’s “Breaking the Silence” programme



*Walk a Mile in their Shoes has taken inspiration from Walk a Mile in her Shoes which was initiated by White Ribbon Toronto in 2001.